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Are You Selling Yourself?

If your marketing doesn't inspire, you compete only on price.

According to Gallup Consumer Research:

"Any customer strategy that does not account for [emotional engagement] in human nature is flawed.”

Or Are You Inspiring?

People buy because they are emotionally
inspired by your brand. Don't believe us?

Click the button and Whabam you can start inspiring people

Studies show that emotionally engaged consumers have a 23% bump in the share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth.

Three Ingredients to an Inspiring Brand


Human Connection is the key to every successful marketing campaign. Research shows that people decide using non-rational heuristics. We don’t do the math to make decisions we ask other humans, we consult our gut feeling. That is why we try to use the most Engaging Types of marketing, video, photography, where a real connection can happen between human beings.



How you talk about your brand needs to engage the hearts of people. Study after study makes this to be critical to any successful marketing. Engaging messages are true, real and emotion-focused. It's not that we might not use numbers and reason, but we are looking for how these shift our hearts.






People make a judgment about you in less than two seconds based on what they see. Do you fit the part? Are you the right fit? Are you qualified? Just based on what they see. So it is best to look the part and to be amazing.


Notionfront | Three Ingredients to Inspiring Brands

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Brand Foundation

Your brand foundation should be made up of the following major elements

Notionfront | Brand Foundation


This is where we pull together the three critical elements of human connection, engaging messages and visual amazement into the core ideas behind your brand. We come up with the strongest ideas to not just get people to buy but to engage with your brand as fans.


This is where we develop your logo and brand identity. It will be how you look across all of your marketing. Your identity also involves refining your voice so that you are on point and consistently inspiring in all of your marketing. We have award-winning designers on our team that can help your brand be a winner.


One key piece is your Website, which is a brand asset that you own. It is the point at which most purchasing decisions are still made. We will also set up all of your Social Media, CRM, and brand marketing tools.

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Campaign Marketing

Once your brand foundation is established, reaching people where they are in their world using these three tools.




Video, photography, graphic design and writing are all tools we will use. Creating intelligent content that people want to engage with is key to emotionally inspiring people. We don’t want to be sold, we want to be connected to your passion. Your product or service needs to be constantly connecting with people, giving them what they love!




There are a lot of channels that content can then be distributed in. Social Media is a big channel, but knowing which one and how to target your demographics is critical. There are also other often overlooked channels like direct mail, article placements, video blogging that will connect with people.

Metrics &



The amount of data feedback we get from media is mind-blowing. That is why you need someone just to make sense of it. We take the data and use it to optimize our campaigns. We see an ad perform for a while and then lose effect. We see one channel thrive and others underperform. We are constantly looking at the data to optimize our marketing so that it is effective and on budget.

Notionfront | Campaign Markeing

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