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Watch this video to learn more.



90% of viewers say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the buying process.

After watching a video 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video according to Forbes. Youtube is now the largest video channel in the world for video consumption and the second largest search engine after Google its parent.

Video also has psychological effects that text and still photos cannot touch. It engages viewers emotionally and immersively. We as humans are physiologically wired to respond to the emotions on the faces of other humans that we see in video. In 200 nanoseconds we can perceive the intent of another and respond with mirror neurons. That’s why you cry in movies and itch your nose when you see cold remedy  commercials. If you really want to reach people video is your go to medium.




How do you want to make your business grow? What is your message? Who is your audience? We can help you connect the dots from real business goals to what your video should be and where it should play: Youtube, Facebook, Website, Broadcast, or all of the above.




From your goals we form a detailed description of what the video should look like from budget to length to mood to target media. We will then write a script and storyboard for your video so that we have a clear concept of what we will be developing for you. Next, we will schedule the necessary shoots on location or in our studio. We will execute all of this with professional cameras, drones, crain’s, lighting, and sound. It’s the real deal. We use high end 4k cameras for amazing results.  We are focused on your goals and part of that is the top artistry and look in every video.




Our videos are created with:

  • 4k video cameras with high color depth

  • Edited and colored with state-of-the-art video editing suits from Adobe

  • Professional lighting, and stabilization equipment including jibs and 3 axis gimbals

  • Drone videography, one of the few in the Midwest with FAA clearance to fly and with an on staff pilot to fly it at any time.




We call this channels in the Notionfront Marketing EcosystemTM. We can help you deploy your videos on: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Your website, Broadcast TV, Video Brochures, and even in presentations.  There are very sophisticated ways to deploy your video with social media. We can micro-target geographic locations and demographics down to business titles. We can do optimization of media to determine what is working with A/B testing and multiple content and demographic configurations. Each deployment gives us data to get closer to the goal.



YouTube is the world’s largest source of video content and is the #1 channel for viewers the age of 18-49. The average YouTube session lasts about 40 minutes. The best strategy for this platform is three types of videos:

  1. The Epic Video: These are the high production value videos that we hope go viral or are designed for maximum wow factor. This is the video that you want to be bigger badder better than your competition’s.

  2. The Consistent Content Video: This is a constant source of video content that your viewers will become accustomed to consuming regularly. This will boost subscriptions and give you a better noise to signal ratio.

  3. The Super Search SEO video: This is a video that is designed to deliver the search topics that your consumers will be searching for. This will drive traffic to your YouTube channel.



Intensive Interviews are our innovative way to get started on Content and Search videos. We do this in an economic way and simple way. We come to you with everything you need cameras, sound, lighting and professional interviewing and direction. We will work with you to organize your thoughts and talking points. Next we will film for over an hour to create what we call the interview intensive. You're content that can be used for several videos throughout the next sales cycle. We edit your mistakes out and make the video tight. We find that most business owners, and professionals, can talk about their products clearly and with great detail. This knowledge is just sitting behind a desk or just reaching people one at a time when it can be broadcast to the world who is searching right now for answers.

It’s great for explaining products, medical procedures, how-tos, proven processes, differentiators for your company.


We can then edit your content into online memes, ads, vlogs, explainer videos, landing page teasers, product explanations. You can use them on websites, youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.




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