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Okay so branding isn’t exactly like a magical mirror that tells the world you’re the fairest of them all, but the branding process does take a good hard look in the mirror. What does your business really look like? How do others see you? How do you want to be seen?


Branding is more than just appearance.


Sure, a Mercedes-Benz looks really slick, but with the brand comes more than just a nice car. When you buy one of their cars you are buying into the name, into the prestige, into the luxury. See, Mercedes-Benz has branded itself as the royalty of cars. They know who they are: quality luxury cars. They know who they are selling to: those with the money and desire for luxury. And more importantly they know what they are not. They are not the family van. Or your teenager’s first car. They’ve purposefully and carefully branded themselves. And they’ve succeeded.

Powerful branding doesn’t try to make you into something you’re not.

A powerful brand, accurately sees themselves in the mirror and markets accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with your teenager’s first car. In fact you would make sure to look for a brand that has a reputation for being both reliable and trustworthy with a high affordability / value ratio. Branding doesn’t remake you into something new. It polishes the mirror so your target clientele can see you as their fairest option.


When you are reworking your branding take a good hard look at who your target audience is and what they are looking for. If you’re trying to sell a Mercedes-Benz to a mother with five kids, it’s easy to see why it might not be working. Take that good hard look in the mirror of branding. What face is looking back at you? Is it saying anything?

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