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Also known as SEO. It’s been the buzzword in web marketing for some time. It represents an answer to a simple but difficult problem.


In a world overflowing with web content. How do you get noticed?


This is where SEO steps in. The search engine’s goal is simple. Give the person who searches what they want. Much like a glorified librarian. The goal is simple, but since there is so much content out there that the job is horrendously large. For this reason each search engine has an algorithm that is designed to help it determine which sites are reputable, helpful, and most likely to offer the searcher what they are looking for. What SEO does, is make your site compatible with this algorithm so that you are more likely to be considered the best match for the search of your topic.


Search engines refine their algorithm all the time to continue to develop the best most efficient and successful search. However there are some factors that are always important that SEO uses to help make your site more search engine friendly. These are:

  • Words. Words do matter. Search engines scan the words of sites to determine what their topic is, so it is important that your site contain content about your topic.

  • Titles. Every page has a title embedded in its code which search engines give weight to, because it is naturally seen as a summary of the content.

  • Links. When websites link to your site search engines take that as a sign that your site is an important resource. The words that the sites use to link to your site too shows them what your site is known for.

  • Reputation. Search engines take note when they monitor regular activity, updates, and traffic on your site. This solidifies a reputation of importance.

Optimize your website today and boost its chances of being found.

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