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What are you going to say? You have lots of thoughts swirling around. Many profound ideas. You can talk all day to people face to face, but the moment you sit down to write…blank. It’s a scary feeling. There’s a helplessness to it.

In your mind, your notion is exciting, revolutionary even. You can see it becoming a rallying cry. Banding strangers together as friends. Sweeping people to their feet. Picking up speed and going viral. But when you write, it comes out dull, lifeless, as interesting as a high school textbook.

It’s important though. It really is.

How do you communicate to the world what you already feel and know to be great? How do you market your ideas while still holding interest? It’s easy to point out what not to do. Boring, for one. Information overload for another. But how do you really succeed in marketing writing?


Here are three tips:

  • Create a voice. You-Are-Not-A-Ro-bot. You don’t communicate because it’s an efficient way to exchange information. You’re a human being with a great idea. Develop a voice that is appropriate for your topic and will appeal to the interests of your audience.

  • Tell a story. You’re not writing a novel. But studies have shown that vicarious experience, in other words, storytelling, is the number one way to influence people. There’s something about a story that breaks through our normal analytical barriers and engages us at our core. You can use that. Think outside the box and incorporate story into your marketing.

  • Keep it short. We are living in an age of speed. We don’t have time to read small doctoral theses. Keep it short and sweet. And it’ll actually be read. That’s the point after all.


These tips will help you write powerful content and infuse your market with interest and help your branding flourish. Or the simple option is to let us take care of that for you and free your mind to think of bigger and great ideas.

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