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It’s your identity. Your recognizable marker. Logos today are like the coat of arms of the days of old, and because of that they share a few similar characteristics.

  • Recognizable. A coat of arms was something that was carried into battle. It was a rallying point. A battlecry. It had to be recognized in the heat of hand to hand combat. The most powerful logos are the most recognizable ones. Timeless logos like Coca-Cola, FedEx, Burger King, and Apple Software have this in common. All of these logos are recognizable, memorable. Your customers are fighting a battle with over-advertising. You need a logo that won’t fade into the background. You need to stand out and be recognized.

  • Meaningful. Each aspect of the coat of arms carried meaning. It displayed victories, rank, heritage, family legends. Where ever that coat of arms was displayed the meaning was evident. Not only do you want your logo to recognizable, but you want it to say something. Symbols carry meaning, hold weight. People have a very different reactions when they see a generic globe than when they see an American Flag. Make it personal too, and meaningful to everyone else. A logo can pack a lot of punch.

  • Transferable. A coat of arms was painted on shields, embroidered on shirts, made into crests, used to seal letters, carried as a banner into battle. It was a versatile emblem. Not just a pretty design. It served a purpose. Logos should be a tool in your belt that can be applied in all sorts of situations. It should be able to handle large displays on billboards, trucks, and signs; small arrangements on pens, letterheads, and prints. It is made to be used. A logo should be able to roll up its sleeves and get stuff done.

We understand how difficult the logo design process can be. It can feel almost like naming a child. Let us bring fresh eyes and years of experience to this process so that you can get the most out of your logo.


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