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Social media has taken the marketing world by storm. It is reshaping marketing by giving it the ability, for the first time, to really target its intended audience. Gone are the days of blind calls, and blanket mailing. We are entering a new era of target marketing with flexible financial caps.

So what are the benefits of social media campaigns?

  • Targeted. Today people only want to see advertisements for things they are actually interested in. And social media gives them just that. With access to infinite amounts of data concerning people’s preferences, age, gender and situation, social media sites can focus your advertising to the precise audience of your choice. This gives your marketing the accuracy and results that are hit or miss elsewhere.

  • Flexible. Social media marketing is capped. Gone are the expensive flat rate commercials. Now you spend exactly as much as you want to with financially capped advertising. Set the amount you want to pay and market away.

  • Testable. Before when you received business there was no way of telling whether it was the result of a newspaper ad or tv commercial. Now you know when it is working. You receive instant feedback as to whether you are on track, or need to tweak your intended audience.

  • Viral. Your marketing can be shared. It’s a network of connections that grows with every like, share, or comment. People are more open to products and services recommended by a friend and now they have the perfect opportunity to receive just such a recommendation.

Social Media has in many ways revolutionized marketing, but it’s also just another tool in your belt. It’s important to research whether this is the best option for your type of business, and which sites would be the most effective.

Social Media is not miracle grow.

However, it can produce great results for your marketing if used correctly. Talk to us today to see whether social media is a good fit for you and your business.

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