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inspiration consultation

Inspiration is key. And it starts with why!


On one side were the English, fighting for power, money, and control. On the other a ragtag Scottish army. Before the battle, William Wallace stood watching the Scottish army shrink and return home before the much larger English force. They didn’t show up to fight for the Scottish nobles who were interested only protecting thier grasp on power, nor to oppose the better supplied English. 

Wallace then gives a speech that puts fire into their hearts.  He ignites a roar from deep within. In a few words, he brings them to their deepest reason for being. This is the power of inspiration. Watch it here. 


Like the Scottish army, most employees are disengaged from your business. According to Gallup, 52% of employees are disengaged, and 18% are actively working against your organization. One of the key reasons is a lack of a “why”. Why should they give their lives for your cause and fight for your organization? Think about it if your own staff doesn’t care, why should anyone else in the world?

The next generation, the millennials, are the most disengaged generation in the US today. Only 25% are engaged as consumers. They are looking for meaning and significance in what they do and buy. This is according to an extensive Gallup Study. Millennials will certainly be missed by organizations that cannot answer why… 

Most business leaders cannot articulate the following:

  1. What is the ultimate why for our actions?

  2. Why does your business exist?

  3. Why are you working?

  4. What is the why of your work team?

With all of this lack of inspiration and direction, marketing to the public will certainly fall flat. At best it becomes manipulation. Bribes with price, manipulative sales, and broken promises are the typical tools of uninspired marketing. Inspiration, on the other hand, comes from deep within and motivates our most noble instincts.



The Notionfront Inspiration Consultation is designed to light the flames of inspiration. It’s not just a happy clappy motivational pep talk, but rather empirically driven processes drawing on studies in workplaces in the US and around the globe. It plumbs the depths of ancient wisdom, and ties into neuroscience to get to the ultimate “why” that drives us all. We will guide you in finding the “why” for your organization, and give you tools to take it to the level of teams and individuals.  It’s the start of a process that can lead to purpose in work, productivity gains as creativity and energy come online.  It’s half a day that could change your life and your organization forever.

Curious? Hungry? It’s Time.

We will lead your team of upper management to develop an understanding of the following:

  1. The ultimate why: science and even faiths have directed us to the ultimate motivations of the hearts of men. Instead of an ungrounded sense of meaning, we will connect you to the ultimate answer for the question why.

  2. Organizational Why: Most leaders shift uncomfortably when asked why their business exists? Why do they do what they do? They refer to a mission statement that is usually the statement of the obvious: we make blah blah better, kinder, and faster than everyone else. It’s a statement of what you do and how but not why. We will help you find your why.

  3. Team Why: We will go over tools for teams to find their why. We bring clarity to the team dynamic, a vision that motivates groups to fight for each other like a platoon in battle. 

  4. Individual Why: Why does each team member show up and why should they contribute to the whole. We will point you to tools that will inspire each individual in your organization. 


Go from, “have to work” to “get to work”, as people find their inspiration. 

You will begin to inspire your world not just manipulate it. 

Customers become inspired fans not consumers of a commodity. 

Gallup says corporate cultures following the most engaged profiles have:

  • 41% few defects or “incidents” in healthcare

  • 21% higher productivity

  • 22% higher profitability.

  • 72% lower attrition

  • 59% fewer safety incidents

  • 19% increased sales

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