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Jay McDonald

Jay McDonald

Jay McDonald is a creator of marketing communications with a web-centric focus. He works with clients to distill the essence of their message, and articulate it in the native patois of the web — empowering them with stronger communications.

His focus is on fostering brand connection through lucid communications where audiences “click” in their understanding of a business’ value proposition.

Jay is a born teacher, as well as a lifelong lover of technology and aesthetics. He founded web studio Plexus Digital in 1996, and has been a trend forerunner, and technologist/philosopher observing the web’s unfolding. He enjoys swimming in the waters where geekery and the finer abstractions of brand positioning meet – conversing with equal interest about Object Oriented Programming and the subtle ways that popular culture and marketing practices inform each other.

He has done work for MasterCard, the NFL, Thomson Reuters, Progressive Insurance, Hyatt, Walgreens, The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Grainger, AccuWeather, American Cyanamid, Tyndale Publishing, Rutgers University, Temple University, Wheaton College, as well as multiple pharmaceutical companies, not-for-profits, and many medium-to-small businesses. With each one, he brings the same focus on an engaging experience and finely crafted execution.

Jay is a seeker of wisdom, as well as a lover of lover of beauty and profundity. He has called many places home, and currently lives in a rural community near the North Dallas area. He, his wife and young daughter are all avid biblio- and cinephiles. He keeps vowing to get writing on that novel he’s been talking about.

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