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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Leadership In Pain: An Interview with Bryan Gallant, author of Undeniable

Who would even suggest that pain could produce beauty, depth, perspective and wisdom? Brian Gallant, for one. And Brian is an expert in an area that no one wants to be an expert in…. Pain.

From the brokenness of surviving the deaths of his two small children in a tragic car accident, Brian and his wife slowly moved forward and allowed God, in the pain, to heal them. They ultimately found life, hope, and value in the pain.

Leadership through pain is unique. Brian invites people into a journey with him; he walks beside them, through love and total honesty. He encourages them to allow God to come alongside, and invites them to know and experience the same God that transformed his life---through the darkness-- to transform them.

Character, honesty, and love are of highest priority for this kind of leadership. Being completely honest, but with total love. For honesty without love is terrifying. But if I can be ” fully known, and fully loved,” says Brian, then I can face whatever I need to face, together with God and another human, to journey through that pain.

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