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Leading a Startup | Notionfront Project Leadership

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Values that may seem basic are at the core of inspiration for Logboat and Tyson Hunt. Values of kindness, helping, being good, and serving others. Not exciting and often overlooked, but values reflected in Logboat’s day to day living. Values that help them stay positive and take care of each other at Logboat. There are plenty of opportunities to go negative, but surrounding one another with kindness and helping allows a positivity to shine through. Shining through at Logboat is also the originality of their craft. Creating craft beer is “absolutely an art form and these guys are artists.” Hunt says there is a definite artistic expression involved in the creation of beer and it’s very rewarding when their creation is accepted positively. The brewery had its beginnings in a trip out of Missouri to ‘get away’ for awhile, where Hunt was inspired by the craft beer scene in Portland, Oregon. Learning to brew from a friend who had some home brewing equipment, that friend gave Hunt the equipment, and upon returning to Missouri, Hunt started dabbling in creating recipes with his nephew, Andrew Sharp. When Andrew, Tyson, and another friend Judson Ball, who became the third partner in Logboat, would get together to play music and make beer, “jam sessions and beer session,” Hunt calls them, “the beer was turning out way better than the music.” Putting together his long-time desire to be his own boss with his business background from Mizzou, Logboat was born. “We celebrate life a lot…. The little moments, the big moments...and be appreciative and thankful for everything we have.” ~Tyson Hunt Have there been low points? Absolutely. One that came to mind was when they were sure they had financial backing and had proceeded with plans, only to have that backing fall through eight or nine months later. The three were tempted to give up, and walk away knowing that there would be no shame in quitting at that point, they’d tried and perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. But they decided not to turn back. Instead, they pushed forward, encouraged one another, “staying positive,” a decision they together “had made early on.” They chose to push forward, get further energized, learn from the set back, and became better people as a result.

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