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Top 10 Reasons Why Employee Engagement is Great for Your Company

One of the most powerful factors that spur customers to become advocates for a company is employees' positive behavior and attitude.

Employee engagement. What is it really, and can it be measured? Simply put, employee engagement is an employee's involvement in and enthusiasm for their work.

Simple to define, difficult to measure.

Why is this concept so elusive? Mostly because the concept is based upon ‘soft’ skills: collaboration, work ethic, attitude, enthusiasm, and emotional intelligence, among others.

So why bother? Significant research has been telling us for quite a few years that a company who ignores employee engagement does so at their own risk.

Take a glance at these statistics:

“ Engaged employees go the extra mile to deliver. Their enthusiasm rubs off on other employees and on customers.”

Bain and Co. “The chemistry of enthusiasm”

If you need reasons, look no further. Research has shown that the time you and your company put into helping increase your employee engagement and satisfaction will be well worth the effort in the long run.


Notionfront specializes in employee engagement. Which leads to motivation in all areas of work and life. Take the survey to see if your workplace is engaged.

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