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Where Does Employee Engagement Begin?

Where does the change begin to drive your organization's shift in culture? Culture change begins with leadership taking ownership of where the company currently stands. And as leadership begins to take responsibility for this important space, then leadership can enable everyone to see and own the efforts to move to the next culture-change level. Employee engagement efforts will be virtually impossible without acknowledgement of where that culture currently is.

“A first step toward making a positive change in your life... is to name your current experience.”

In their best-selling book, Change the Culture, Change the Game, authors Roger Connors and Tom Smith state that “The act of claiming accountability for current and past results creates a powerful, positive experience for everyone in a company because it reinforces the idea that ‘If we are responsible for where we are, we can also be responsible for where we want to go.’”

When the unassuming child called out the emperor parading down the street in his underwear in the fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes, what happened? He empowered everyone looking on in the crowd to act and see the truth, once the situation was named for what it was.

Leadership identifying where an organization currently is and accepting responsibility for that place provides a positive message for the entire company: change is beginning, and it starts here.


We’d like to empower you to make changes in your culture. Take our quick survey to find out where your organization currently stands.


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