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Fighting for the Same Cause: Video Marketing Garnishes 3 Million View Minutes

Greenwich Leadership Forum and Veterans United Home Loans Video Marketing Garnishes 3,000,000 View Minutes

A Notionfront Case Study by Angie Caldwell

Working together with clients as essential team members, so they feel appreciated and proud is the aspiration of our team at Notionfront. This is a story of how our team connected two separate entities together with our skills to create a super event and video.

As a team, Notionfront has partnered with Greenwich Leadership Forum, a non-profit in Greenwich, CT, to spread their message that faith-based-business principles and ethics make good sense in every way. Economies benefit when people of high moral character strive to create businesses that emulate their values. Employees benefit immensely because their employer demonstrates that they truly care, which in turn, motivates employees to go that extra mile at work. It is a win-win situation. Notionfront came alongside GLF when their message was in its infancy and partnered with them to craft a brand, build a nation-wide following on their YouTube channel, garner funding through grants, and effectively use their local influence to reach a nationwide audience.

Monthly events were the foundation of the largely local but cohesive group of business leaders with a vision of hope for others in the business world. Notionfront recorded these monthly meetings, which were conducted in an interview format, and then created videos and podcasts from the footage. Campaigns were launched for distribution of these videos and promotion of the events through social media across the nation, and local media across the greater Greenwich area. Through the implementation of our marketing strategies, Notionfront took the GLF YouTube channel from just over 16,000 minutes of view time to nearly 3 million minutes, in just over two years. If you visit the GLF YouTube channel, you’ll see 144 videos and podcasts in fourteen playlists ranging from topics of Women in Leadership to Relationships and Faith in the Workplace. There’s something for everyone.

When the expansion of the YouTube channel to a national audience became more than just a possibility but a reality, excitement stirred in the organization. Our team at Notionfront listened to GLF’s need for increased revenue to fund nationally-known speakers and reach a broader audience with more videos. So our team designed a brochure for GLF to bring awareness to their desire to seek funding for grant proposals and distribute this brochure to their constituency.

And our continual desire to be an essential team member led Notionfront to team up local business, Veteran’s United Home Loans, with GLF in far away Greenwich. Because, though distance separated them, Notionfront saw that both were fighting for the same cause.

Notionfront believes in celebrating. You might find this odd for a workplace, but we enjoy one another, and celebrating each other’s birthdays is just as natural for us as the weekly ‘good news from our clients’ updates. So, we celebrated the connection between VU and GLF. Our team worked hard behind the scenes to promote and make the event itself successful. The creation of a unique video that captured about an hour in time that can be distributed to thousands and even millions of viewers is something to celebrate.

We hope you enjoy and learn from the creation. Visit our website, to learn more about our video, branding, and marketing strategies.

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