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Randal Weidenaar

Randal Weidenaar

Randal Weidenaar is a dynamic Culture Change Consultant. In his career, he has worked with cultures from every continent, and individuals from Wall Street boardrooms to refugees on the streets of Athens, Greece. He has been in marketing for two decades and international social work for a third decade. He was educated in Europe and lived there for ten years. His background has given him keen insight into what shapes culture. Culture is the key to change, it shapes belief and behavior.

Randal founded his own marketing business in Philadelphia in the early 1990s and later merged with a Chicago-based firm to forge Ergo Creative. Randal also has unique technical abilities in the areas of web development, video production, internet savvy, and programming. The convergence of business, social experience, and technical skills that Randal brings is truly unique. Randal has created new brands and breathed new life into existing ones. Some notable engagements are: US Cellular, AccuWeather, Moberly Economic Development Corporation, Franciscan Health Systems, Community Health Systems, Greenwich Leadership Forum, and Sam’s Health Mart.

In addition to marketing, Randal is now leading culture change within corporations and organizations. He has developed seminars to lead organizations into understanding their “why” and engaging employees with new passion and vision. These corporate cultural shifts are the foundation for dynamic organizational growth. This shift in focus is leading to profound change in the businesses Randal works with.

Randal lives on his farm in central Missouri with his wife and two daughters. He is an avid mountain biker and into sustainable farming. His faith is a deep part of who he is and what gives him life.

Randal Weidenaar

Principal Partner


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