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Problem: Most startups are looking for two things. (1) investment (2) marketing and branding.

Startup Marketing/Investing


Notionfront can provide investment in the form of marketing with installment payments. This investment can range from hundreds to thousands depending on the startup needs, and the quality of their business plan.



A great looking brand and branding assets like a website, business cards, and printed materials go a long way to convince other investors, potential clients to invest or purchase from the startup.


Campaign Marketing

Notionfront can also help direct startups to campaign marketing that is either free or highest in ROI. We can guide a startup into the best pathways to connect via social, digital, and traditional media.

Small Business Marketing Tools

Notionfront is focused on using tools like WIX that can get a small business tool like CRM, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, and SEO.



Notionfront has worked with many startups in this way and has the experience it takes to help startups make the leap into a successful model. Our goal is to provide tools for startups to make the next step and give them the highest return on their marketing investment.



Notionfront can provide a one-stop-shop for startups. We can provide strategy, branding, branding infrastructure like websites, video, writing, social media and more. We can help them structure marketing campaigns as well on many channels. Our hopes are to see startups transition into successful growing businesses.

Transitions Next Stage Growth

In addition to startups. This can also work with businesses looking to transition to next stage growth. Financed marketing can be the ticket they need to grow into the next phase of their business.


Are you a startup and looking for someone to help get your brand started. We would love to hear from you and learn what we can do for you.

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